Everything I Have Is Yours (1952)

Generally, when the TV guide describes a movie as “a bit of fluff,” as it did in the case of Everything I Have Is Yours, I’m not expecting much in terms of drama. So, I was perhaps particularly blindsided by this movie, which, although a musical on the surface (and in the TV guide), is also a meditative drama on the volatile nature of relationships, marriage, and family, with a particular focus on the gender roles of its era. Pretty heady stuff for a 1952 MGM musical, especially when I came in expecting a light vehicle for dancers Marge and Gower Champion.

Give a Girl a Break (1953)

Give a Girl a Break is another of the films I’ve been catching up on from TCM that isn’t available on Netflix,  but I’m slowly working through them–hopefully before the next big DVR-buster of a schedule pops up. Anyway, it’s a great example of the behind-the-scenes musical subgenre, with a familiar but cheerfully welcome set up.