Blogathon Master List



Hispanic Heritage Month
hosted by Once Upon A Screen
Topic: Hollywood Home Movies: LA/LA Special Edition


Sinatra Centennial Blogathon
hosted by Movie Classics and The Vintage Cameo
TopicSinatra’s Los Angeles Landmarks

31 Days of Oscar
hosted by Paula’s Cinema Club, Outspoken & Freckled, and Once Upon A Screen
TopicWomen director snubs

The Cinemascope Blogathon, hosted by ClassicBecky’s Brain Food and Wide Screen World
TopicThe Long, Hot Summer

The Pre-Code Blogathon, hosted by Shadows & Satin and
TopicBusby Berkeley, before and after the Code


The Great Villain Blogathon, hosted by SpeakeasyShadows & Satin and Silver Screenings
TopicIn Defense of Lina Lamont

The Fabulous Films of the ’30s, hosted by the Classic Movie Blog Association
TopicIt Happened One Night


Classic Movie History Project Blogathon, hosted by Movies SilentlyCitizen Screen, and Silver Screenings
Topic1940-1945: Wartime musicals



31 Days of Oscar,
hosted by Outspoken & Freckled, Once Upon a Screen, and Paula’s Cinema Club
Topics: Snubs, Choreography, Actors, Directors, and Period Pieces

 Oscar Snubs: Alfred Hitchcock
 Forgotten Oscars: Best Dance Direction
 31 Days of Oscar: Actors Playing Actors
 31 Days of Oscar: Vincente Minnelli
 The Silent Inspirations of Titanic (1997)

Sleuthathon: A Blogathon of Gumshoes, hosted by Movies Silently
Topic: The Thin Man

 Sleuthathon: The Thin Man (1934)

Big Stars on the Small Screen Blogathon, hosted by How Sweet It Was
Topic: Buster Keaton’s appearance on The Twilight Zone

 Buster Keaton on “The Twilight Zone”

The Big League Blogathon, hosted by Forgotten Films
Topic: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

 Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949)

The Diamonds & Gold Blogathon, hosted by Caftan Woman
Topic: Gloria Swanson’s late-stage career

 Gloria Swanson: After Sunset

The James Stewart Blogathon, hosted by Classic Film and TV Cafe
Topic: Jimmy Stewart in Born to Dance

  James Stewart in Born to Dance (1936)

The Great Villain Blogathon,
hosted by Speakeasy, Shadows and Satin, and Silver Screenings
Topic: Baby Jane Hudson in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

 Great Villains: Baby Jane Hudson

The Romantic Comedy Blogathon, hosted by Backlots and Carole & Co.
Topic: Ninotchka

 Ninotchka (1939)

The Katharine Hepburn Blogathon, hosted by Margaret Perry
Topic: Stage Door

  Stage Door (1937)

Snoopathon: A Blogathon of Spies,
hosted by Movies Silently
TopicThe Manchurian Candidate

  Snoopathon: The Manchurian Candidate (1967)

1967 in Film Blogathon, hosted by The Rosebud Cinema and Silver Screenings
TopicTony Rome

  1967 in Film: Tony Rome (1967)

Billy Wilder Blogathon, hosted by Once Upon A Screen and Outspoken & Freckled
TopicWitness for the Prosecution

  Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

MGM Blogathon, hosted by Silver Scenes
Topic: Gene Kelly

  MGM at 90: Gene Kelly

The John Ford Blogathon, hosted by Krell Labs & Bemused and Nonplussed
TopicMy Darling Clementine

  John Ford’s My Darling Clementine (1946)

Accidentally Hilarious, hosted by Movies Silently
TopicJust Imagine

  Accidentally Hilarious: Just Imagine (1930)

The British Invaders Blogathon, hosted by A Shroud of Thoughts
TopicSummer Holiday

  British Invasion: Summer Holiday (1963)

1984-a-Thon, hosted by Forgotten Films
Topic: Purple Rain

 1984-a-thon: Purple Rain (1984)

Summer Reading Classic Film Book Challenge, hosted by Out of the Past

  Book Review: Cinematic Canines

The getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon, hosted by Once Upon a Screen, Outspoken & Freckled, and Paula’s Cinema Club (and getTV!)
TopicAll Ashore

  Mickey Rooney Blogathon: All Ashore (1953)

Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon, hosted by Once Upon a Screen and Movie Star Makeover
Topic: Katy Jurado, Carmen Miranda

  Carmen Miranda



Funny Lady Blogathon, hosted by Movies Silently
Topic: Carmen Miranda

Funny Lady Blogathon: Carmen Miranda
Something for the Boys (1944) 

Dynamic Duos in Classic Film Blogathon,
hosted by Once Upon a Screen and Classic Movie Hub
Topic: Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra

Dynamic Duo: Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra

Christmas Movie Blogathon, hosted by Family Friendly Reviews
Topic: Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn (1942)

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