Rare Musicals on TCM – July 2013

TCM celebrates Independence Day with a great collection of musicals, though mostly well-known and easily accessible classics, so make sure to check those out if you haven’t seen them. That leads to a lighter first-half of the month, but builds into a crescendo of not-on-Netflix/not-even-on-DVD classics the week of July 22nd.

All times are in EST, and follow TCM’s date guidelines (6am – 6am periods)–links go to TCM’s information page about each movie.

Pay special attention to three that are not available on DVD in any form… this is your big chance, make it count.

I’m especially excited for Rose Marie, the MacDonald and Eddy mountie-musical, featured in That’s Entertainment, and Skirts Ahoy, which seems to be the mirror reverse of On the Town, as three ladies join the Navy in search of guys. I was actually SO excited by Skirts Ahoy that I ordered it from Warner Archive, sight unseen, ahead of this!

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