Set your DVRs and request your  reminders… here are the rare, Not-On-Netflix classic musicals airing for the remainder of August on TCM:

Times listed are as they appear on TCM, so Eastern time with each date lasting from 6am to 6am, as always.

It’s an interesting, top-loaded month with a lot of fun stuff in the early half. There’s yet another MacDonald/Eddy production–I think someone at TCM must be getting over a heck of a MacDonald crush, as last month was also packed with their flicks, along with a few of her solo works.

I’m particularly excited for Kismet, the Vincente Minnelli musical that’s typically only available via purchase on Warner Archive. I’ve heard mixed things, but Minnelli is one of those directors that I feel contains lessons on filmmaking, even in a potential misstep.

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