Rare Musicals on TCM – September 2013

Mario Lanza fans… this month TCM is really looking out for you. Although it’s a relatively light month otherwise, in terms of Not-on-Netflix musicals, September 18th brings a bounty of five rare Lanza musicals to TCM throughout the day. They’ve played a few of these in the past couple months, though I haven’t watched them yet–but I now have a second chance!

Fun (not really fun) fact: This month’s programming choice of A Damsel in Distress marks the second time in as many months that I’ve bought a DVD, sight unseen, from Warner Archive, only to have it pop up for free on TCM shortly afterwards. Actually, I will take this as a sign of my impeccable, instinctive taste, and inform TCM directly as to the contents of my shopping basket next time.

Also, is there any greater “happy dance” than the out-of-print DVD Eleanor Powell movie airing on TCM dance? That’s pretty much my peak performance, at least. Very excited for Lady Be Good.

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