The Classic Film & TV Guide to Comic-Con 2014

San Diego Comic-Con has grown over the years from a sleepy exchange of comic books in a hotel basement to a massive pop culture Event, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to the San Diego area. There’s a lot beyond the blockbuster movie panels that seem to grab most of the headlines nowadays, including an expansive show floor of exhibitors and a bustling array of smaller panels, including many that will be particularly enticing to fans of classic film and television. Check below for some of Comic-Con’s highlights in classic film and TV, from panels to parties… and also note that I’ve temporarily adjusted my definition of “vintage” to just being outside the past 30 years, to allow for a little more wiggle room.

New Classic Film Series: Mondays at the Montalban

Though most people today may remember Ricardo Montalbán for his work on television—Star Trek and Fantasy Island, to name a few—he first came to fame under contract at MGM in the 1940s and ’50s in roles that touted him as a handsome “exotic” type, a kind of Ramon Novarro or Rudy Valentino for the postwar set. Throughout his film career, he starred in a variety of romances, comedies, noirs, and westerns, and that section of his life is the subject of a new classic film screening series at the historic Hollywood theater that now bears his name: The Montalbán, at Hollywood and Vine.

TCM Fest 2014 and Beyond: Resolutions

Well, this year’s TCM Film Festival has come and gone, and with it, many of my best laid plans. As I mentioned in my intro, this was my first year attending the festival with an actual pass, as opposed to buying standby tickets for individual screenings. While this was an amazingly fantastic way to experience the summer-camp-like atmosphere of movies! movies! movies!, it did mean I had to adjust my perspective a bit to accommodate the new opportunities. Should I get the opportunity to attend again next year, I’ve collected some advice for myself (and others!) to keep in mind to get the best possible experience.