Rare Musicals on TCM – July 2014

A slow start to the month, musical-wise, so I took the long weekend off from updates! But there’s some rare stuff coming up that may be of interest to die-hard musical fans, featuring some big stars in minor works that are a bit difficult to track down normally.

Rare Musicals on TCM – June 2014

Some interesting pics this month, thanks to some fun theme days and nights over on TCM—including a couple selections that exist in my archives, which always makes me feel productive. Not a ton of must-sees for me this month, which is probably good as I’m still catching up from the salute to MGM last month and a few remaining not-on-DVD Gene Kelly dramas from the month before. But let me know if there are any favorites in here that I should be taping!

TCM Fest 2014 and Beyond: Resolutions

Well, this year’s TCM Film Festival has come and gone, and with it, many of my best laid plans. As I mentioned in my intro, this was my first year attending the festival with an actual pass, as opposed to buying standby tickets for individual screenings. While this was an amazingly fantastic way to experience the summer-camp-like atmosphere of movies! movies! movies!, it did mean I had to adjust my perspective a bit to accommodate the new opportunities. Should I get the opportunity to attend again next year, I’ve collected some advice for myself (and others!) to keep in mind to get the best possible experience.

TCM Fest Diary: The Big Picture

Well, I’m sadly back in the “real world” after four days of classic films and fun, thanks to the TCM Film Festival in Hollywood, California. This was the fifth year of the festival, which celebrates all things classic, and was leading up to the 20th anniversary of the channel, so there were a lot of fun surprises and celebrations to be had. Throughout (hopefully) today/this week, I’ll be posting my “diary” entries for each day of the fest. They’re a bit late, perhaps to the point that they’re no longer relevant… but I’m doing them anyway! I’m starting here with my general impressions of the festival, to give some background if you’ve never been to the festival, as well as some feelings and tips for myself to remember should I be able to return in coming years.