Rare Musicals on TCM – November 2013

It’s a relatively light month, musical-wise, over at TCM, with the glaring exception of November 12, where they’ve apparently decided to program the day exclusively with rare Busby Berkeley directed/choreographed musicals. I offer absolutely no resistance to this idea whatsoever and encourage future repetition whenever possible.

The Opposite Sex
The Opposite Sex, airing on Saturday, Nov. 6

Sunday, 11/10
6am / Seven Sweethearts (1942)
Seven daughters must marry from oldest to youngest. Starring Kathyrn Grayson. The alternate title was House of the Seven Tulips, which is way more precious.

Tuesday, 11/12 – BUSBY BERKELEY DAY!
6:45 am / Bright Lights (1935)
8:15am / I Live for Love (1935)
Dolores Del Rio and Everett Marshall.
9:30am / In Caliente (1935)
Dolores Del Rio.
11:00am / Stars Over Broadway (1935)
Just going to note that Berkeley had to walk away from directing this to attend his MURDER TRIAL.
12:45pm / Stage Struck (1936)
Starring Gold Diggers Dick Powell and Joan Blondell, the TCM summary for this one is: “Broadway hopefuls put on a show,” which I assume is their placeholder text for all 1930s musicals.

Saturday, 11/16
10:30am / The Opposite Sex (1956)
A musical remake of The Women starring June Allyson, Joan Collins, Ann Miller, Leslie Nielsen, and Joan Blondell.

Sunday 11/17
4:00am / Lili (1953)
Starring Leslie Caron, in another four-letter waifish role in a musical.

Tuesday 11/26
4:00pm / Let’s Be Happy (1957)
Starring Vera-Ellen and Tony Martin.

Thursday 11/28
4:15pm / The Phantom Tollbooth (1969)

I’m currently working on clearing out my DVR in anticipation of Berkpocalypse. Also, I think for the first time–the whole first week of November has NO musicals at all on TCM, so make sure to hoard a couple to watch in those dark days.

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