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Sinatra Blogathon Day 3 & Happy Birthday Frank!

Today’s the big day! Yes, today marks Frank Sinatra’s official 100th birthday—and, of course, equally importantly, Day 3 of the Sinatra Centennial Blogathon.


A Shroud of Thoughts uncovers the history and lasting significance of one of Sinatra’s most fun and enduring signature films, Ocean’s 11


The LA Explorer falls in love with the delightful romance, Young at Heart, starring Frank with Doris Day…


Grand Old Movies watches Sinatra go dramatic in the biopic of singer turned comedian, Joe E. Lewis, in The Joker Is Wild


Wide Screen World goes back to Sinatra’s hometown, with a look at Frank Sinatra’s Hoboken, Then and Now


Just a Cineast figures out the interesting/bizarre Sinatra flick, The Detectivein which he plays a detective investigating the murder of a gay man…


Old Hollywood Films goes all out with a helluva—er, a wonderful review of classic musical On the Town


In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood traces the troubled production history of The Devil at 4 O’Clock, which luckily resulted in a fine picture nonetheless…


Back to Golden Days examines the dynamic partnership on screen and off between Sinatra and Gene Kelly, which resulted in some of Hollywood’s funnest musicals…


Wolffian Classic Movies Digest hits a home run celebrating Frank’s birthday with a review of Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Flickin’ Out joins the crowd and examines the undying appeal and unmatchable cool of Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack: The Ultimate #SquadGoals


And I, Vintage Cameo, follow Frank’s footsteps in the City of Angels, with Frank Sinatra’s Los Angeles Landmarks

Thanks for joining us on Day 3, check back here tomorrow for the last day of the blogathon! Happy birthday, Frank!

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