Don’t be alarmed—I have not been hacked by a stylish computer whiz with a flair for responsive design. The Vintage Cameo has an all new look!

I made the mistake of browsing through new themes and layouts a few days ago on a whim, with the intention of doing a redesign here at some point in the future. Well, of course, once I saw what was out there, the veil was lifted and I discovered the true hideousness of my old site. I knew I would have to complete the changeover immediately.

This new theme offers:

  • Responsive design to accommodate different sized screens and mobile devices
  • Lovely giant photos I can fondly peruse as I look back on old posts
  • A color scheme I actually took more than 10 seconds to think about
  • Streamlined sidebar, category links, and pages
  • Increased real estate for the actual text of the posts
  • And probably more features I haven’t even realized are better yet



Side-by-side, I think it actually keeps the spirit of the old design fairly well, just makes it… better. At least until I’m sickened by the sight of this one and relaunch again.

Anyway, I’m still working on adding appropriately sized/ratio-ed images to the older posts. So don’t be alarmed if things look a little funky the farther back you get into the archive—but definitely let me know if something’s working oddly for you, other than the picture sizes.


Theme: Pinnacle by Kadence Themes

Backgrounds: Subtle Patterns

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