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Rare Musicals on TCM – June 2015

Lots of stuff going on on TCM this month, thanks to a few salutes to musical stars, some nice picks by guest programmers, and some fun daily themes. See below for MacDonald and Eddy, Joan Davis, Eleanor Powell, Don Ameche, and more!

Monday, June 1
5:00pm / Balalaika (1939)
Operetta featuring Nelson Eddy and Ilona Massey as Russian refugees living in Paris.

Hmm, this looks familiar... YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM IT
Hmm, this looks familiar… Allyson and Lemmon in YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM IT

Tuesday, June 2
1:30am / You Can’t Run Away From It (1956)
Director Dick Powell remakes It Happened One Night in musical form, with June Allyson as the fleeing heiress and Jack Lemmon as the dogged reporter.

Wednesday, June 10
10:00pm / Road to Singapore (1940)
This isn’t a rarity, but as part of TCM’s salute to Pin-Up Girls, and I must always call attention to my beloved Ms. Lamour.

Monday, June 15
11:45pm / That Night in Rio (1941)
A day of Don Ameche, here playing a nightclub singer who pretends to be a baron… only to actually fall in love with the baron’s wife, Alice Faye.

A day full of MacDonald and Eddy, seen here in Technicolor in SWEETHEARTS

10:15am / Naughty Marietta (1935)
Naughty Princess Marie disguises herself as a maid, Marietta, and flees to New Orleans to escape an arranged marriage in this operetta.
12:00pm / Rose Marie (1936) [review] MacDonald teams up with Eddy, and all is right in the world in this Canadian mountie musical. Featured in That’s Entertainment.
2:00pm / Sweethearts (1938)
A married couple of actors face turbulence in their union as they put on the show. MacDonald and Eddy’s first foray into Technicolor, plus a **fashion show montage**!
4:00pm / Bitter Sweet (1940)
MacDonald plays a piano virtuoso, falling in love with her teacher (Eddy). The author of the original operetta, Noel Coward, hated the film so much he refused to let any more of his works be adapted.
6:00pm / New Moon (1940)
MacDonald and Eddy again. A French rebel disguises himself as a noblewoman’s bondsman, and woos her in the process of leading a revolt.

Eleanor Powell tap dances on drums in ROSALIE
Eleanor Powell tap dances on drums in ROSALIE

Saturday, June 20
6:00am / Rosalie (1937)
The great Eleanor Powell stars as a college coed and secret princess. Nelson Eddy is a football star in over his head. Songs by Cole Porter.

Sunday, June 21
10:00pm / Show Boat (1936)
Part of the charmingly esoteric theme day of “Fathers on Boats,” this is the version of the musical with Irene Dunne and Allan Jones.

Tuesday, June 23
8:00pm / Dames (1934)
I’m indulging one more non-rarity because I love that this was one of Edgar Wright’s guest picks for the month! Zasu Pitts, Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, and Joan Blondell have to convince a moralistic, wealthy relative that New York is NOT the world capital of immorality. Good luck with that one, guys.

Wednesday, June 24
A full day of Esther Williams today: Bathing Beauty, Thrill of a Romance, Neptune’s Daughter, Pagan Love Song, Dangerous When Wet, Million Dollar Mermaid, and Easy to Love.
6:15pm / Jupiter’s Darling (1955)
This one’s not on Netflix for some reason, so if you feel the urge to see Esther and Howard Keel play historical Romans, set your DVR.

Eddie Cantor in a precarious position in SHOW BUSINESS
Eddie Cantor in a precarious position in SHOW BUSINESS

Monday, June 29 – JOAN DAVIS MORNING
6:00am / Around The World (1943)
Kay Kyser and his band go around the world, entertaining troops and battling Nazis.

7:30am / Show Business (1944)
Eddie Cantor and Joan lead a group of vaudevillains trying to make it to the big time.

9:15am / George White’s Scandals (1945)
Joan falls for Jack Haley, while Martha Holliday goes for Phillip Terry, while they’re all trying to put on a show.

1:45pm / Girl Rush (1944)
Wally Brown and Alan Carney rustle up some brides for prospectors during the Gold Rush. Features a young Robert Mitchum.

Roz Russell or Lucille Ball? It's up to you...
Roz Russell or Lucille Ball? The choice is yours…

Tuesday, June 30
Today’s primetime theme was too cute not to share: play vs. musical. Catch them all and judge for yourself!

8:00pm / Auntie Mame (1958)
10:30pm / Mame (1974)

1:00am / The Philadelphia Story (1940)
3:00am / High Society (1956)

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