Rare Musicals on TCM – November 2013

It’s a relatively light month, musical-wise, over at TCM, with the glaring exception of November 12, where they’ve apparently decided to program the day exclusively with rare Busby Berkeley directed/choreographed musicals. I offer absolutely no resistance to this idea whatsoever and encourage future repetition whenever possible.

Rare Musicals on TCM — October 2013

Some interesting stuff this month, partly owing to a “Bob’s Picks” day with some great selections, and partly owing to the fact that I actually read the synopses and cast lists this month. Picking through my DVR I’ve been surprised a few times by something I’d start watching, only to discover that one of my favorite actors or actresses had a bit part in it that I never expected. And I’d let out a grateful sigh, extremely lucky that I hadn’t just deleted it into the ether. Knowledge is power!